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Investment Criteria

Keiretsu members understand that searching for funding can be a daunting process, even to the most experienced entrepreneur. To get a better understanding of the process, we encourage companies interested in presenting to attend a meeting of the Forum in the local chapter prior to applying.

Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum are typically passed their seed round. Most of the applying companies have a proved business and some revenue. They are seeking 2,5  to 15 million SEK in growth capital.

Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality diverse investment opportunities in many different areas such as, automation & instrumentation, consumer products, energy, financing, food & beverage, health care/life sciences, internet related, real estate, services, social ventures, software, telecommunications, and any other segment with high growth opportunity.


Application Process

The process of selecting companies that present to Keiretsu Forum is:

1. Application

Interested companies complete the online application.

2. Committee Pre-screening

The applications are pre-screened by member-committees with industry experience. Based on the committee recommendation, 4-6 companies are selected to present at the Deal Screening.

3. Deal Screening

The presentation is 15-minutes long. Keiretsu Forum recommends about seven (7) minutes for the core presentation followed by about eight (8) minutes Q&A session. The Deal Screening selection is a democratic process. After each presentation the Keiretsu Forum members in attendance discuss the positive aspects and any concerns, and then vote anonymously. At the end of the deal screening based on the vote 3-4 companies are invited to present at the Keiretsu Forum meeting. In certain cases, the Screening Committee recommends that a company hits certain milestones or answers certain questions before it may go on to present to the Forum.

4. Keiretsu Forum Meeting

The companies that are selected at the Deal Screening present in front of the full Forum. The presentations are 20 minutes long. Keiretsu Forum recommends a ten minute core presentation followed by a ten minute Q&A session. After each entrepreneur presents, interested investors fill in an Interest List (Gold Sheet). After all presentations conclude, the presenting entrepreneurs are excused and Keiretsu Forum members discuss the companies.

5. Due Diligence

The Company then enters into a due diligence phase with the Keiretsu Forum members that signed the interest sheet. It is common for one or two members to take the lead in due diligence and negotiations with the company. Keiretsu Forum members collaborate in the due diligence, but make individual investment decisions. You may review the Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Handbook, which was prepared by Keiretsu Forum members, in preparation for the due diligence process.

6. Multi-Chapter Investing

After a company has presented to the chapter in the closest geography and has received investment interest traction from members of that chapter, the company then has the unique opportunity to present to other chapters of their choice. Members of each chapter conduct their own due diligence and make their own investment decisions; however they benefit greatly from shared due diligence.


Application For Capital

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