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Knowledge and sharing individual experiences are keys to both successful investments and long-term investment strategies. At Keiretsu Forum Nordics (KFN), we are well aware of this and regularly offer educational sessions, seminars, and workshops with content that is of great value for both investors and entrepreneurs. We are always looking for feedback and information from both our partners and members to make sure we deliver what our network finds informative and useful at all times.

The KFN Academy will get started with new classes and sessions in August 2022. Please contact for more information.

In 2021, we had the great honor of welcoming our new Dean of KFN Academy; the highly experienced investor, lecturer, and author: Eric Martin.

Eric is one of the first venture capitalists in Sweden. For more than 30 years, he has invested in and developed more than one hundred companies. Eric has been a venture manager and executive of VC companies such as Svetab, Småföretagsfonden, and Företagskapital, as well as chairman of the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA),
and been a lecturer at the KTH Executive School, KTH Industriell Ekonomi, SLU Uppsala, UIC Uppsala, Connect Estonia, and Venture Cup.

As the author of the e-book “Med Hjärta, Hjärna och Plånbok,” he shares his hard-earned perspectives on how to think, reason, and act as a venture capitalist.

We are privileged to have access to Eric’s vast knowledge as part of the KFN Academy and are happy to give you the opportunity to read his one-of-a-kind practical text about venture capitalism. You can download your copy of Eric’s book here:

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