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Experts in your corner, backed by a powerful AI software. Babelus is an AI platform that automates supplier discovery, analysis, and qualification processes with in-house and on-demand experts (Human-in-the-loop) intervention. Automations … Read More


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Imagine every need in biking, from a flat tire on your way to work to buying a new accessory, upgrading your bike, or selling it. Fixi is a one-stop marketspace for … Read More

The Folklore Company

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The Folklore Company is a Digitally-Native Vertical Brand (DNVB) aimed direct to global craft consumers, with a unique technical platform and inventory. The craft industry is outdated and undigitized with … Read More


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A Platform as a Service (PaaS) that synchronises data from public and commercial health record data sources. Enabling providers, to get easier access to users health records and offer Digital … Read More


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Our mission is to provide ONE solution for the driver. This will be the only app you need in order to find available charging spots, pay and get a complete overview of … Read More

Woman Cycles

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Woman Cycles offer pre-recorded online courses & 1-1 support programs for women who are experiencing health issues where the medical system is inadequate or overlooks the issue.


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Brighteco exists to accelerate the shift to a circular economy. We do that by using reused materials (old flat screens), modular design and streamlined processes across the supply chain to … Read More


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Viospatia has developed a cost-effective, flexible and modular 3D inspection system that can be installed on conveyor-belt or robotic production lines. The ability to gather 3D data on 100% of … Read More

No HalfTime

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No Halftime is the Best Fantasy Sports App of 2015 and 2016! The No Halftime app isn’t your typical fantasy sports service. Our app allows you to create real money … Read More


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MyMOWO offers a safe and private solution to get started with your long-term physical activity. MyMOWO offers short (5-20 minutes) online training classes customized to fit in to the urban … Read More


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BYON8 was founded in the fall of 2015 in Sweden by doctors, mathematicians and programmers. The goal was to make high quality healthcare more accessible, affordable and equal by digitalizing … Read More


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A new way to reach your customers! Boost collaboration & loyalty with an online customer community platform tailored for you and your customers.


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Never before has it been so easy to keep warm for a long time and in extreme conditions. The solution that makes that possible is the heating system developed by … Read More


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Epishine’s business is based on pioneering manufacturing breakthroughs within printed organic solar cells. We have developed disruptive process steps that, among other things, provide a unique scalability in terms of … Read More


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Linkura has developed a unique ECG based sensor for objective measurement of stress levels of individuals. Linkura sells screenings and effective intervention solutions to corporations. Both screening of individuals and … Read More

Picture My Life

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It started with a Swedish “fika” ..and a conversation about new innovations in the end of 2013. We talked about different ideas and Lisa told us about her experiences as … Read More

Phoenix Biopower

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Phoenix BioPower have developed a new, scalable and cost effective technology that can double the electrical efficiency from biomass. This makes biopower a true replacement for power produced with fossil … Read More

Indicio Technologies

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Back in 2013 we reviewed the metal price forecasting process at an industrial firm. We benchmarked their historical forecast accuracy towards the top 10 international banks, which publically released forecasts on … Read More


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Manico was founded in 2012 as a manufacturer of large classroomscreens. As tablets became popular, Carl understood the value of gathering children instead of isolating them from each other.


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Focused on the worlds fastest growing digital continent Africa, we aim to help spread great stories, insights, entertainment and joy. Over the past decade, podcasts have seen a steady rise … Read More