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Learn by doing, share competence & knowledge in early stage investing to create strong & strategic personal portfolio growth


Cross Nordic Capital
– a part of Keiretsu Forum Nordics

Cross Nordic Capital is a co-investment vehicle started by Keiretsu Forum Nordics investor members to facilitate working in a structured process by sharing experience among the group, reducing investment risks and initiating collaboration through mindshare. 

Cross Nordic Capital is an investment company focusing on Nordic early stage ventures that have been selected to present at the Keiretsu Forum meetings. The investment company is run by investor members, who both invest through and with the investment company, and in addition to capital also can support the entrepreneurs in developing their company. Selected investors and business angel networks are also invited to take part of the Keiretsu proprietary deal flow to syndicate investments with Cross Nordic Capital.

The investor network of Cross Nordic Capital is made up of diverse founders and investors. The investment focus lies on national, Nordic and Baltic cross border investing within the five cornerstone criteria of technology, product / market, entrepreneur, competition, and financial. The aim is to invest in innovation driven technology, including hardware / software, initiated by diverse teams. The investments made by Cross Nordic Capital also follow the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in order to contribute to a sustainable and renewable future through investment.

Cross Nordic Capital follows a structured procedure which is made up of several steps in order to create a continuous investment process. The investment process is hosted by Keiretsu Forum Nordics which allows investor members to easily get access to a quality deal flow on a monthly basis.

Although the process is hosted and maintained by Keiretsu Forum Nordics, the investor members are highly involved throughout the procedure. The aim is to build a community based on different areas of experience and expertise in order to enable informed and qualified investment decisions.

* An investor membership in Keiretsu Forum Nordics is a prerequisite for a membership in Cross Nordic Capital

Cross Nordic Capital 2020
- the story

The purpose of starting Cross Nordic Capital 2020 (CNC20) was to motivate more people to invest capital in early stage companies, by creating a learning by doing due diligence process we also aimed to educate new early stage investors.

With the diversified and pre-vetted deal flow from the Keiretsu Forum Nordics monthly progress we were able to provide the investors with a steady stream of new investment opportunities.

Successfully 30 members, both men and women investors, raised SEK +4M to invest in six companies during 2020.
As a result of the investments made by CNC20 co-investments in the six companies where made adding to a total of SEK 12M.

This year CNC20 is focusing on venture management, every portfolio company has a personal investor contact at CNC20, this investor insures the close relationship between CNC20 and the entrepreneur in order for us to provide resources and network if and when needed. Quarterly meetings are held at CNC20 to go through the portfolio companies progress and needs.

We are looking forward to follow the six portfolio companies on their journey to success.

The benefits of being a member of
Cross Nordic Capital

  • Quality deal flow on a monthly basis
  • Risk reduction with a structured investment process
  • Learning by doing in a open-minded atmosphere
  • A diversified portfolio through varied investments
  • Sharing experience and perspectives with other investors
  • Network possibilities both internally and externally with investment networks

What do our members say about Cross Nordic Capital?

An open environment that simultaneously offers professional support and guidance

A great way to create activity among the members

An exciting and educational concept

Very impressed by the members’ level of experience and competency

… hearing other’s experiences and perspectives on different companies and business areas

The team

Anette Nordvall

CEO of Cross Nordic Capital and Chapter president of Keiretsu Forum Nordics. Anette was honored with the Vinnova-Wallenberg Fellowship to Stanford University and Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, CA, USA, researching angel investing and common investment values between the Nordics and Silicon Valley. Active Early Stage Tech Investor for the past 30 years, focusing on the New Nordic markets on ICT, and deep-tech science based innovation.

Anna Nelson

Cross Nordic Capital partner and responsible for the coordination of Cross Nordic Capitals investment activities. Anna has a Bachelor of System Science from Stockholm University. She has a solid track record within the IT industry with more than 25 years of industry experience. Her speciality is sales, management and business development within IT and digital business. Anna has been an active early stage investor since 2015 and a dedicated member of Keiretsu.

Ted Elvhage

Chairman and co-founder of Keiretsu Forum Nordics. Ted holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, with minor degrees in Biochemistry and Business Administration. Solid track record investing in more than 40 early stage ventures, for instance Kivra, Telness, Halo Genomics, Bio-Works, Gradientech, WTS Positioning Solutions and many more. 

Emma Syring 

Venture Director of Cross Nordic Capital and of Keiretsu Forum Nordics. Emma holds a Bachelor degree in Business from Stockholm University, with a minor degree in Finance. Experience working with venture capital since 2017 at Keiretsu Forum Nordics. Emma is responsible for the screening process for all ventures that go through the investment process at Cross Nordic Capital.