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For Investors


What does it take to become a member? Here at Keiretsu Forum Nordics (KFN), Forum members provide early-stage capital to companies seeking capital in the range of 2,5 million SEK to 15 million SEK. Individual investments may be lower. Keiretsu Forum is not a fund and our members collaborate in the due diligence process, but make individual investment decisions.


Key Differentiators

  • We are a global network of capital, resources and deal flow. We build additional quality deal flow for our members in different geographical locations, and within different industries. Our members enjoy collaborative business and social relationships between chapters.
  • Our community of chapters presents entrepreneurs with equity and resources in different capital markets..
  • Keiretsu Forum members invest in a myriad of opportunities. 70% of our investments are in technology companies and 30% in non-technology opportunities.
  • Fellowship is enhanced also through countless fun activities for and by the members, such as sailing, golf, tennis, hiking, educational field trips, or just a nice garden party, to name a few.
  • Keiretsu Forum enjoys collaboration with other investment forums and investment communities.

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Our mission is “Great Association with Quality Deal Flow” Keiretsu Forum is the world’s…