For Investors

Keiretsu Forum Nordics (KFN) is an investment company and investor network founded in 2016 by a small group of highly experienced early-stage investors with more than 20 years of experience. Today the network consists of a large group of early-stage investors with different backgrounds and expertise that all share the same passion for investments in unlisted ventures with a proven business model and revenue stream (KFN Early Stage). KFN and its network of investors are strong believers in the wisdom of the crowd, by collaborating in the due diligence process and venture management the thesis is that the investments are more likely to become successful.

KFN is launching two new products in 2022, KFN Access and KFN Private Placement.


Get access to attractive high-profile non-listed companies on the secondary market. KFN connects investors and private company shareholders to facilitate private share transactions. KFN has followed the ventures for a period and can see that the company has a high potential, are likely to reach their targets, and have the ability to take the venture to the next level. 


As a community member, you can co-invest in de-risked KFN portfolio companies. These companies have passed the Early Stage process (see below), received funding from KFN, reached a higher maturity level, market traction, and created brand awareness, estimates made by KFN show that the business has the potential to grow exponentially and foresee a possible exit opportunity in the future. KFN receives monthly progress reports from the companies providing an opportunity for the investors to follow their investments closely with minimum effort. 


As an investor member, you get the opportunity to co-invest with KFN in early-stage ventures pre-screened by an experienced team. Part take in the due diligence process in a learning by doing environment. Investor members have the benefit of attending all meetings held by KFN, investing in our joint venture KFN Co-Invest, participating in academy sessions, social gatherings, and getting access to one of the world’s largest investor networks, Keiretsu Forum.


Together we have worked for over 20 years with investments in unlisted ventures within the Nordic early-stage segment via direct investments and fund structures. The high-profile investors and experience team at Keiretsu Forum Nordics attracts a high-quality deal flow as well as the knowledge on how to evaluate and provide resources in order for the ventures to grow and prosper.

Our common goal is to foster the Nordic startup and scaleup ecosystem by providing equity, resources, network, and liquidity.


Key Differentiators

– Invest in high-quality international deal flow, pre-vetted and screened by an experienced group of investors using a structured process.

-Co-invest in special purpose vehicles.

-Invest on the attractable secondary market.

-Partake in one of the world’s largest global investor networks, Keiretsu Forum.

-Keiretsu Forum members invest in a myriad of opportunities. 70% of our investments are in technology companies and 30% in non-technology opportunities.

-Fellowship is enhanced also through countless fun activities for and by the members, such as sailing, golf, tennis, hiking, educational field trips, or just a nice garden party, to name a few.

-Keiretsu Forum enjoys collaboration with other investment forums and investment communities.