Learning to Sleep

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We help people with bad sleep get better through clinically proven programs based on AI. Learning to Sleep helps people with sleeping disorder getting better sleep through clinically proven products distributed through our on line sleep clinic and mobile devices. We have a history of more than 4 years of research studies and have become one of the leading digital health companies in Sweden. We have a proven concept on the Swedish market called Sov Bättre (Sleep Better) – an on line treatment for persons with chronic sleep problems. So far Learning to Sleep have treated over 800 patients on the Swedish market with the product. A clinical valuation made in 2015 shows that 94 percent of our patients gets better sleep and that we improve sleep quality with over 30 per cent. Our products also have impact on stress, depression, anxiety and even pain which is unique for this type of product. We have a steady inflow of patients to the sleep clinic and the add-on B2C product has a conversion rate of 17 percent. This gives us a unique position on the Swedish market and huge possibilities to enter other markets since everything we do is easy to scale.