About our Readiness Programs

In our continuous mission to support Nordic ventures to successfully commercialize and expand to the global markets in a fast and efficient way, we have created the Keiretsu Forum Nordics Readiness Programs

The Nordics has 27 million residents and a long tradition of building industries and companies. However, the own market just isn’t large enough to be able to compete globally. This is why Nordic innovation, after scaling up their national markets, begins looking at scaling on a global level. 

The Keiretsu Forum consists of 3 000 investors as well as hundreds of partners in 53 locations who can contribute with knowledge and networking, in addition to funding and client contact which we provide through the Readiness Program. 

As a stepping stone to help our Nordic scale-ups to get a head start and to start expanding globally, Keiretsu Forum Nordics is offering our global network packaged in different programs in order to help Nordic innovation grow on new markets, have a soft landing space, get in touch with partners, acquire investment and expand on a larger scale. By partnering with experts within different markets we aim to provide the best possibilities for our alumni companies to start their scaleup and go-to-market strategy.

Our ambition is to expand the possibilities of our Keiretsu Forum Nordics Readiness Program into different markets across the globe in
order to facilitate the aspirations and initiatives of our community. Seeing as there are obstacles and opportunities within every new
market we seek to cater to the needs of today in order to enable the work of tomorrow. Establishing Readiness Programs for all around the
world will help us prepare and grow even beyond our base in the Nordics and will allow us to reach further.

China Readiness Program

Our first Readiness Program to be launched is the China Readiness Program, with an upcoming event October 19, 2020.

Read more about the program and the event: