China Readiness Program

The Fastest Market Entry Point to China Life Science Market today
– Hainan BoAo Hope City

About Hainan

Hainan, a large island off China’s south coast and the most southern province in China, is becoming the frontline of China’s integration into the global economic system, focusing on trade and investment liberalization. Hainan is the right place to go for Nordic Life Science ventures because: Hainan Free Trade Island implements open market policies in 360 degrees to benchmark Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Hainan BoAo Lecheng Medical Tourism Pilot Zone (‘Pilot Zone’) has been gaining publicity recently as part of the Chinese government-approved push to keep medical tourism within China. The Pilot Zone consists of a number of Chinese and foreign cooperative medical institutions in Hainan, where the implementation of free trade port preferential policies (such as zero tariff, low tax rate and simplified tax system) is already attracting big pharma to create their own infrastructure for innovation and growth.

What you will gain from the program

  • 7-day fast track registration process to the Chinese market for Nordic Life Science drugs and devices already approved by national medical products agency

  • The Nordic-Hainan Life Science Center for a soft landing in the Hainan BoAo Lecheng Pilot Zone

  • Local research hospitals and customer access

  • Establishing and accelerating regulatory standards in line with international standards

  • China-wide market clearance support

  • Clients and medical institutions for research and commercialization

  • Talent, lab-technology, advanced services as well as office and living spaces

  • Distribution partners to help you scale up

  • Growth capital via Nordic and Chinese partnerships to fuel your commercialization in China

What is the connection between Keiretsu Forum Nordics and Nordic Times Innovation?

Keiretsu Forum Nordics is partnering up with Nordic Times Innovation, in launching the China Readiness Program.

The aim and purpose of the program is to prepare Nordic Life Science Ventures for a smooth entry to the Chinese market. Nordic Times Innovation has a unique possibility to provide network, resources, facilities, and a one-stop service from investment to commercialization in the Hainan province of China and is therefore the perfect partner for us to work with when starting this program.

Are you interested in the China Readiness Program?

For more information about participating in the program, head over to the Nordic Times Innovation site and make contact with the team.

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