For Ventures

Keiretsu Forum Nordics and its network of investors bring years of knowledge and expertise from diverse industries and the common ground is that all share the same passion for investing in early-stage ventures with high growth potential. 

The high-profile investors and experienced team at Keiretsu Forum Nordics understand the challenges of being an early-stage entrepreneur and hence, the importance of providing resources and sharing knowledge in order for the company to grow and prosper. The common goal is to foster the Nordic startup and scaleup scene by providing equity, resources, and network locally and globally. 

Keiretsu Forum follows a step-by-step filtering and investment model to facilitate the process for the investors as well as the entrepreneurs. 


Investment Process

1. Application

Interested companies submit an online application

2. Pre-Screening

The initial review of the company’s investment memorandum/pitch deck is assessed by Keiretsu Forum Nordics. Main focus is put on the product/technology, team, market, competition and financials. The initial review is followed by an online meeting with the company to discuss the potential of the business further. 

3. Deal Screening

Pre-screened companies with the potential to fit Keiretsu Forum Nordics and the network will receive an invitation to present to the investment committee and investor members at the monthly Deal Screening meeting. 

4. Forum Meeting

Selected companies are given the opportunity to present at the Forum Meeting. The meeting provides an exceptional opportunity for the company to attract additional investment interest from investor members and the network. 

5. Due Diligence

Companies that receive strong traction at the Forum Meeting enter into a Due Diligence phase. The investment committee coordinates the activities during the process to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the investment case together with investor members.