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Welcome to apply!

At Keiretsu we’re interested in companies from all industries; ranging from technology, life science, media and entertainment, to clean tech, digital media, consumer, retail, food & beverage, real estates, to social impact investments. You are a venture in the early growth stage seeking 1 to 15 million SEK, and you should preferably have some market traction.

We are interested in companies with growth potential, business scalability and sustainability. Companies applying for capital at Keiretsu often comprises a unique technical advantage or a unique business model; a scalable idea that gives users new opportunities.

To effectively do a first assessment of your company we do need some short inputs from you.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Emma Syring;

Venture application

Please fill out your company name, address and contact information
Please describe your company. Product/ service, business model, market advantage, current state of business
Please describe your business idea and why the market is in need of your product/ service. Also, describe your goals with your business and how you intend to proceed in order to reach your goals. Please describe how you intend to make money on your business idea.
Please describe the product's characteristics, functionalities or technical functions, or describe your service and how it differentiates from other services. Explain how it's supposed to be used, its unique characteristics, previously unsolved needs it meets and if/ how it is proprietary.
Please describe what market you intend to serve. By market we refer to both target groups and geographic area. Please fill out information about your current marketing strategies towards your customers, and how the sales should be organized and executed.
Describe current and potential competitors and how you intend to defeat them.
Describe your key personnel and their key competences. Emphasize (if you have any) relevant past experiences. Also, mention any skills you may want to strengthen.
Please describe your financial plan for the following three (3) years.
Please describe the company's financial needs in this current round, but also during full life of your company. How do you intend to use the capital? Also, fill in the estimated pre-money valuation you consider your company has in this round.
Describe how you have financed the company so far, name current owners and their respective share. Describe where you are in your funding process, when you intend to close your round and if you have any of your funding already secured.
What's the company's potential in five to seven years according to your business plan?
Do you have anything to add? Here's your chance to share it with us.

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