PowerUp Energy Technology

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PowerUP Fuel Cells OÜ is a producer of the best-in-class hydrogen fuel cell based electric generators and proton exchange membrane fuel cells. The only company currently producing and selling innovative … Read More

Viking Analytics

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Our self-service analytics software, MultiViz, enables industrial specialists to extract insights and value from data at  scale. They can perform data analysis, build ML and AI based applications without ML … Read More


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Butong was founded in 2009 on our patented process and products for casting panels.Today we are the leading exterior green-wall company in the Stockholm Region and have started our geographic … Read More


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Storyspot is an App where users can record, share and listen to oral stories about places. Each story is filtered by Categories, Language, Producer and Tags. It is easy to … Read More


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Aholic AB provides an online self-service platform for premium fashion brands to post the Aholic mobile app as well as administer all activities (SaaS). Aholic AB also provides a free … Read More


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Geselle delivers a complete solution for independent hairdressers. With our own platform and best in class cooperation with external providers Geselle increases our members turnover, margin and profit.  Our platform … Read More


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Treeno AB is a retail technology company that brings together businesses and their customers after a purchase. Our platform offers a unique take on the Post Purchase Experience, regardless if … Read More

Ligna Energy

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Ligna have developed a battery solution made from forest-based materials, organic polymers, carbon and a water- based electrolyte. For stationary applications this solution can combine cost efficiency (cost per energy … Read More

Triolith Tech

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Triolith Tech AB is developing a platform based on Blockchain & DLT technology for easy implementation and management of in-game assets. This enables the game developers’ customers to have true … Read More


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Helpie.me, offers people who lack qualified networks to easily and quickly meet a lawyer through a multilingual application. Users get the right advice in their native language and are informed … Read More


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Epishine is working on a revolutionary solar cell innovation that is changing the conditions for how to harvest light energy. The solar cell is light, thin, flexible and can be … Read More


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MINVINO is a new water concept that is crafted to match with different types of wine. It is built upon the insight that minerals and carbonation affects the experience of … Read More

Stella Futura

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Stella is a Swedish start-up with parent company in Sweden and subsidiary in Ghana. Stella offers turn-key energy solutions for the business and institutional market. The main product comprises a … Read More


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We assist people secure their Life After Work through active decisions supported by a Digital Pension Advisory service and a Pension Product for retirement.  Nouxtec AB provides the life insurance … Read More


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Playpulse turns your exercise bike into a game controller through a hardware kit with a sensor and two controllers, complete with a software platform and initially our in-house games. Coming … Read More

Know A Talent

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Know a Talent is a social recruitment platform where companies can find skilled professionals. We help companies find talents by crowdsourcing referrals of candidates. While cost efficiently providing companies with … Read More

Motion Gestures

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We are a top Canadian machine learning start-up specializing in cutting-edge gesture recognition software for use with a wide variety of products and apps. Gesture recognition represents the next big … Read More


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Yomento’s mission is to inspire and train ‘new’ and ambitious leaders to develop significantly in their daily leadership role by offering a mobile “Personal Leadership Trainer” (PLT). To build a … Read More


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In Ridesum mobile app riders can search for new trainers and experts, book a digital training session or get feedback on an uploaded video, train live and collect all feedback … Read More

Buddy Pet Foods

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PETBUDDY AB, produces and distribute high-qualitative pet food products. The backbone of our business is that we offer a ‘soft-subscription’ model in which customers can subscribe to just-in-time monthly, or … Read More