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Dementia? – Don’t assume it’s Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s… it could be NPH! NPH is treatable and often misdiagnosed for dementia. NPH, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, can be diagnosed and then treated by inserting a shunt to drain the fluid system surrounding the brain, and is therefore called “treatable dementia”. The Likvor CELDA® System protocols measure the dynamics of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) system and the results are used to diagnose NPH. The Likvor CELDA® System is also successfully used for investigating shunt function in patients with existing shunts.
Likvor AB is a medical device company which develops, manufactures and markets tools for assessing cerebrospinal (CSF) dynamics to meet the needs of neurological clinics worldwide. Likvor’s CELDA® Instrument and CELDA® Tools for assessing CSF dynamics are CE marked and already marketed in Europe.