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We sell data to companies and corporations that want to acquire new customers. Making real estate agents comparable to each other by mining, segmenting and categorizing data showing actual individual … Read More

Learning to Sleep

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We help people with bad sleep get better through clinically proven programs based on AI. Learning to Sleep helps people with sleeping disorder getting better sleep through clinically proven products … Read More

aMuze Interactive

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We deliver a unique, online, interactive publishing and distribution platform to medical, scientific and scholarly organisations, schools and universities around the world. aMuze has developed and launched a new product … Read More

Kiwok Nordic

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Kiwok, first with Digital Remote Patient Monitoring ECG. Kiwok is a Swedish IoT company and one of the first to offer a commercial mHealth solution for the global healthcare and … Read More


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Phytonix is commercializing a patented process using cyanobacteria and photosynthesis to produce butanol from industrial CO2 emissions at < ½ the current cost of using propylene, a petroleum derivative. Butanol … Read More


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We enable innovative health ambitions by developing smart products for positive health. Deversify innovate and detect ideas in the mHealth domain. We develop and commercialize mobile electronic devices and apps … Read More


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Maîtres is the lifestyle app for diners who wants a personalized find and reserve experience with their restaurants of choice, and thereafter a frictionless automatic pay-without-wait-for-bill possibility. It makes dining … Read More

Pila Pharma

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PILA PHARMA is a privately held clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in Malmö, Sweden. PILA PHARMA is developing a TRPV1 antagonist, XEN-D0501, as a novel type of oral anti-diabetic agent.XEN-D0501 … Read More

Going Green

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Going Green, the mobility solutions company, is a manufacturer of electric scooters and provides mobility solutions for fleets. Going Green designs, manufactures and sells an innovative and unique range of … Read More


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Hoseless CPAP, portable, small, light, quiet and autonomous, improving the treatment adherence, allowing distance control of the device and the patient’s status. Airmony is a TBIOM (Técnicas Biomédicas para la … Read More


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Friendbase AB is an award-winning Swedish developer of social games on a mission to make the world a smarter and friendlier place. Our avatar based world enables young people to … Read More


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We offer probably the best solution for global online auditing and merchandising. detail is to be used by brands with direct and/or indirect online sales to embrace their online presence. … Read More

Enigio Time

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While digitalisation is the most profound driver of change in society today, several processes and documents are still maintained in physical formatsdue to absence of a viable solution to prove … Read More


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Realbridge helps companies reduce the need over physical documents by implementing a dynamic tool that fills almost any need. Our main markets today are Equipment, Real Estate & Vehicle Fleet. … Read More


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Let us present the most effective marketing tool ever existing!Full screen ads pushed to the start screen of members smart phones by the Mytoz app. Members get a free smartphone … Read More


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The platform for the modern energy prosumer. There is currently a huge information gap regarding households’ energy usage. Repeated efforts have been made trying to solve this, using expensive hardware … Read More


Keiretsu Forum NordicsPortfolio – The leading marketplace for professional mentorship in Sweden. has in a short time become the leading marketplace for entrepreneurs, companies and its employees who are in need … Read More


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Streamlines budget, forecast & planning processes. Planacy is fully customizable for your business, processes and needs – no matter your industry.


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Sustainable biomaterial coating solutions for binding tissue, closing surgical cuts, coating of surfaces, corrosion protection and other applications.Biopolymer develop and produce the mussel adhesive protein polymer, MAP. The polymer has … Read More


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Swedish company pioneering immuno-oncology with an entirely novel, proprietary treatment concept that restores the immune system in cancer – now approved by the Swedish MPA for a First-in-Man cancer trial.