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Foodrunners is “the doorway to food”, and already after 4 months we have 60 000 unique users in Sweden. We help our users to buy their food wherever and whenever … Read More


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Ledarskapsjouren is a digital platform where managers can get expert-advice and mentorship on-demand through video-call. 375 million professionals need to upskill by 2030 and soft skills are in highest demand. … Read More

iQure Pharma

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iQure Pharma is a globally operating US Biotech focused on developing non-opioid compounds for the treatment of Neuropathic Pain, unmet clinical need. Company assets demonstrating high commercial potential with efficacy/safety … Read More

PowerUp Energy Technology

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PowerUP Fuel Cells OÜ is a producer of the best-in-class hydrogen fuel cell based electric generators and proton exchange membrane fuel cells. The only company currently producing and selling innovative … Read More


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E-krone are aiming to further accelerate the development of blockchain technology in the Nordic countries. We are working on utilizing different defi (decentralized finance) solutions that can contribute to change … Read More


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Lingmill delivers content automatically to companies within Ecommerce. Especially product descriptions – to increase web traffic and improve the customer experience. Content from data – fact secured and with greater … Read More

Clever Compliance

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Clever Compliance is a regtech business with the vision of making product compliance “a click of a button”. By providing an ecosystem of smart compliance solutions, we are step-by-step approaching … Read More


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Botaniumis a modern brand that makes smart and attractive products that bridges the gap between people and plants using technology (such as IoT and hydroponics – growing without soil) and … Read More


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&Wider monitors working conditions along global supply chains using mobile technology and data science expertise. They do this for brands and retailers, certification systems, intermediaries and suppliers. New laws require … Read More


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Grönovation AB is a spin-off from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala. The company is mainly focused on developing automations and innovations in indoor vertical farming. During the … Read More


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We sell data to companies and corporations that want to acquire new customers. Making real estate agents comparable to each other by mining, segmenting and categorizing data showing actual individual … Read More

Safety Bolts

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We offer safety bolts connected by IoT. Using proprietary patented technology, our sensors pic up the slightest change in the force applied to bolts placed in mines, constructions, building or … Read More


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Experts in your corner, backed by a powerful AI software. Babelus is an AI platform that automates supplier discovery, analysis, and qualification processes with in-house and on-demand experts (Human-in-the-loop) intervention. Automations … Read More


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Imagine every need in biking, from a flat tire on your way to work to buying a new accessory, upgrading your bike, or selling it. Fixi is a one-stop marketspace for … Read More

The Folklore Company

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The Folklore Company is a Digitally-Native Vertical Brand (DNVB) aimed direct to global craft consumers, with a unique technical platform and inventory. The craft industry is outdated and undigitized with … Read More


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A Platform as a Service (PaaS) that synchronises data from public and commercial health record data sources. Enabling providers, to get easier access to users health records and offer Digital … Read More


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Our mission is to provide ONE solution for the driver. This will be the only app you need in order to find available charging spots, pay and get a complete overview of … Read More

Woman Cycles

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Woman Cycles offer pre-recorded online courses & 1-1 support programs for women who are experiencing health issues where the medical system is inadequate or overlooks the issue.


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Brighteco exists to accelerate the shift to a circular economy. We do that by using reused materials (old flat screens), modular design and streamlined processes across the supply chain to … Read More


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Viospatia has developed a cost-effective, flexible and modular 3D inspection system that can be installed on conveyor-belt or robotic production lines. The ability to gather 3D data on 100% of … Read More